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About Craft Den

Okay be honest. Does it look like Pinterest exploded on your dining table? Is your family, or significant other, or roommate sick of eating off TV trays? Maybe? Not to worry. The truth is – we can relate, and we can help.

Craft Den's mission is to help creative people like you create a place in your home for their passions to run wild. Think of the "Craft Den" like a "Man Cave" without the stale beer smell – a basement, spare room, hallway nook or converted garage that's your space to do what makes you happy, and make the things you love. 

We offer craft and hobby tables, sewing stands, easels, seating, lighting, storage units and accessories so you can make the ultimate craft room. Along the way we provide inspiration and guidance. 

Visit our blog for great tips and ideas. Then visit our staff picks collection for additional inspiration. We can’t wait to see what you create.