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The Hidden Benefits of Crafting With Kids

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In our world of iPhones and other handheld electronic devices, kids now more than ever need stimulating, no-screen, hands-on activities. Crafting provides this, plus it's fun and offers benefits you may not have known about as well.

Crafting With Kids - Craft Den

The Benefits of Crafting

Parents want their kids healthy, happy, and free to be themselves. Crafting helps with every one of these.

  • Fosters creativity: Studies show that over time, creativity declines because kids learn non-creative thinking – like always following specific directions and routines. To raise children who think outside the box, craft with them. Encouraging creativity can counteract these learned behaviors. Plus, creativity has lots of benefits for parents
  • Grows kids’ confidence: When you hang kids’ artwork in your home, your kids take notice. They’ll feel inspired to create more and eager to share their work with others. This breeds confidence, which seeps into all aspects of life.
  • Helps with development: When kids hold a marker or play with stickers, they’re having fun while developing fine motor skills. This prepares them for writing, playing sports, and eating on their own. Crafting also builds neural connections through multi-sensory crafts. These are beneficial to your child’s cognitive development.

Suitable Craft Furniture for Kids

Kids can be messy, but that doesn't need to limit their creativity. Keep up with them by adding sturdy playroom furniture to your home craft room or corner. Most kids craft tables, like our height-adjustable kids activity tables, are made from easy-to-clean, hard plastic. They’re tough, yet also perfect for tea parties. Height adjustable tables (or anything!) are a great value when it comes to kids.

Where to sit? Kid-sized plastic chairs are great because they’re durable and won’t slide around. Plus, you’ll have no trouble cleaning them when the creativity flows a little too far. The space between the underside of the kids craft table and the chair seat should be 7-8 inches, and chair height should allow the child to naturally rest their elbows on their activity table.

Find storage solutions for all of your craft supplies for kids. Be sure to keep small, sharp, or potentially harmful supplies well out of reach of your children at all times. Check out our colorful rolling organizers.

Must-Have Kid’s Craft Supplies

Depending on your child’s age, you’ll need different supplies. However, it’s always good to stock up on basics:

  • finger paint
  • water colors
  • paint brushes
  • crayons or markers
  • glue
  • construction paper
  • popsicle sticks
  • kids scissors
  • butcher or art paper
  • clay or Play-Doh (make your own)

You'll want non-toxic materials with parts that aren’t too small for your little ones. Pay close attention to kids handling scissors or hot glue guns. Also, don’t forget about things like smocks and paper towels ;-)

Get Started!

With crafting, often directions can be only a guide. Follow your kids lead to see what they come up with. Here are some activities for kids to get the ball rolling.

  • Piñatas: Make your own no-mess, candy-filled, DIY piñatas. This craft is perfect for ages 3+. For older kids, try making them with paper mache. Give your kids full reign and let them choose what shape or character they want to make.
  • Butterflies: Butterfly crafts are perfect for summer—especially on rainy days. Make paper plate butterflies with your kids. Even the littlest of kids can use finger paint or crayons to decorate their butterfly’s wings. Preteens and teens might enjoy making a butterfly chandelier.
  • Slime: Make ooey-gooey, 100% safe slime with your kids. This recipe only has three ingredients and it’ll inspire your kids to be creative as they play. Your older children might prefer making their own paintable sculpting clay.

Now you're ready to get out there and have some fun! Happy crafting… and let us know about your kids' favorite crafts in the comments! 

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