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New Year’s Resolution: Exercise Your Creative Muscle in 2018

Posted by Marco Bario on

It’s the time of year to make your New Year’s resolution. In 2017, exercising and fitness was one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. For 2018, we want to encourage you to exercise your creative muscle. We promise you’ll become happier, healthier, and more ambitious in the process.

Exercise Your Creative Muscle

Here's a list of ways to be more creative to help make this 2018 New Year’s Resolution a reality.

Designate a space for creative activities: Whether it’s just a cozy chair for knitting, a home craft room, or a renovated craft/laundry room, you need creative space. This eliminates “I don’t have the space” as an excuse.

Budget in money for creativity: You can make lots of crafts from items around the house. But, you’ll want to set aside money  for extra supplies. Be on the lookout for coupons for your local craft store too.   

Embrace mistake making: Fear of mistakes, embarrassment, and failure hold us back from creativity. To truly exercise your creative muscle, accept mistakes as part of the creative process. You’ll become more creative, ambitious, and happy. 

Create your pins: Do you ever actually make the things you pin on Pinterest? Change that this year. Choose five or so pins and actually execute them. Print out the directions and add the supplies to your shopping list. Pin the list to your memo board so that it’s ready to go when you have the time.

Pottery Wheel

Open an Etsy shop: Transform your passion for crafting into a small business. Selling on Etsy will force you to make unique products and write creative descriptions. You’ll spend more time than ever exercising your creative muscle as you fill orders.

Make an article of clothing for every season: Find and execute four wearable DIY projects this year. You could: make an ugly Christmas sweater for winter, bead a floral headband for spring, tie-dye a tank top for summer, and knit a scarf for the fall.

Stop buying greeting cards: Don’t pay money for something that you can easily make yourself. Make digital or handmade greeting cards this year. Your friends will appreciate the sentiment, and you’ll save money too. Here are 35 greeting card ideas to get you started.

Opt for homemade gifts:  Choose four people to make DIY gifts for this year. Think gourmet cookies, wall art, stuffed animals, toys, or scarves. Write down the ideas in your calendar so that you get everything made in time.

Color while you’re watching TV: If you already watch TV each day, it won’t take up any extra time. Coloring stimulates your brain, develops your creativity, and improves your attention to detail. Not a fan of coloring? Knit, draw, wrap presents, or crochet instead.

Start monthly DIY craft nights: It’s easier to commit to goals when others are along for the ride. Schedule group crafting nights with your friends. Choose a craft each month and have one person guide everyone through it.

Play with kids: Have kids or grandkids? Children you babysit? Play with them. Let them come up with the craft or game. As you try to keep up with their imagination, you’ll get your creative juices flowing.

Learn a new craft or hobby: Learning a new skill is a great way to be more creative. Learn from a talented friend, attend a class, or search online. Check out these free online crafts classes.


Do the 30 Circle Test: Whenever you have a spare minute at work, draw 30 circles on a piece of paper. Set a timer for one minute. During this time, use your pen to turn as many circles as you can into objects. Like a smiley face, soccer ball, or snowman’s face. The possibilities are endless, which is why this activity is so great for exercising your creative muscle.

Have any tips on how to be more creative this year? Let us know in the comments or on the Craft Den Facebook page. Here’s to a 2018 filled with exercising your creative muscles.

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