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Make Room for Crafting: How to Create Creative Space in Any Room

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Don’t have a spare room for crafting? Don’t worry! With some creativity, you can design a craft room that seamlessly shares space with another room in your home.

Read on for some dual-purpose craft room design ideas and tips…

Make Room For Crafting: How To Create Creative Space In Any Room

Kitchen Crafting Space

Crafting in your kitchen has its advantages. You can keep an eye on dinner, watch your kids, and easily access snacks. Here are some ways to make a kitchen home craft room.

  • Countertop Extension: Extend the counter space in your kitchen by adding a desk to the end of it. For storage, attach a matching overhead cabinet for a cohesive look.
  • Repurposed Kitchen Island: Create your own crafting island. Make it from an old dresser for plenty of storage space. You’ll want to add a thick countertop surface that extends beyond the dresser’s depth. This will give you plenty of room for your crafting chair.
  • Giant Pegboard: Put a pegboard on the wall to hold scissors, paintbrushes, ribbon, glue, thread, buttons, and more. Install a curtain rod above it and hang decorative curtains. This will conceal your pegboard and help decorate your kitchen.

Laundry Craft Room Ideas

It makes sense to have your clothes, fabric, iron, and sewing machine all in one place. Here are some tips for creating a laundry craft room.

  • Laundry Machine Table: Place a countertop over your front-loading washer and dryer. This creates more usable space in the room for things like cutting, stitching, wrapping presents, and folding clothes. 
  • Built-in Cabinets: Line the wall with cabinets and drawers like you’d find in a kitchen. Build in a sewing machine table on one side and a spot for your washer and dryer on the other.
  • Fabric Wall Mount System: Take advantage of wall space where floor space is limited. Mount rolled up fabrics or quilts with some PVC pipes and wood.

DIY Murphy Bed

Guest Bedrooms

Spare bedrooms offer the most flexibility. When figuring out your craft room design layout, you just have to work around the bed.

  • DIY Murphy Wall Bed: Make the most of this space by creating or investing in a wall bed. Wall beds fold up against the wall to free up floor space. This will make it seem like you actually have the entire room to yourself.

Home Office Craft Room

Your home office already has a desk, computer, and storage space. Add in your crafting equipment and a craft room organization system, and you’re all set.  

Filing Cabinets: Share or double up on filing cabinets. Use them to file fabric, scrapbook paper, and ribbon.

  • Hidden Sewing Station: Bring in the Studio Designs Sew Ready Craft Armoire to equip your home office craft room for quilting and sewing projects. It has a foldout table and storage shelves.

Check out Pinterest for some other home office craft room design ideas.

Studio Designs Sew Ready Craft Armoire

Tips for Shared Space Craft Room Designing

  • Double-Duty Storage: Look for dual purpose storage pieces. Replace side tables with mini dressers or coffee tables with trunks. They function the same, but give you craft storage space.

Have any other tips on how to design a craft room inside another room? Let us know in the comments! 


Make Room For Crafting: How To Create Creative Space In Any Room

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