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Make Crafting A Group Activity

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From knitting circles to Pinterest parties, crafting in groups is always a fun time filled with creativity. Invite friends and family into your craft den this fall and become inspired by one another. Here are some fun, easy ways to craft in groups.

Why You Should Make Crafting A Group Activity

Host Your Own Step-By-Step Paint Night

Paint nights are the popular one-night, step-by-step events where you learn how to paint from an artist. Entire businesses devote themselves to hosting these nights. The in-house artist will slowly guide you and other participants through the steps needed to create the same beautiful painting. Unfortunately, these events end up costing $30-$70 per person and tend to use supplies you already have at home.

To save money, host your very own DIY paint night at home. Not a painter? No problem! Choose another easy-to-follow group craft project for adults and lead your friends through the process one step at a time. Have others chip in for supplies or bring food to help you cut back on costs. Make this a monthly activity with a different person hosting each time.  

Co-Open an Etsy Shop

Owning a craft business alone might seem daunting. Instead, start an Etsy shop with your friend to help split up the responsibilities. On Etsy, you can sell any hand-made or antique product you desire, including digital files like SVG cutting files or sewing patterns. Brainstorm with your friend to come up with a name and some initial products. The combination of both of your skillsets will result in unique products that you couldn’t make alone. For example, if you do calligraphy and they’re a painter, you could sell hand-painted and hand-written greeting cards or wall prints.

Running the shop with a friend means more time spent together and greater flexibility. Long solitary days spent filling orders will instead become friendly hangouts filled with laughter. Plus, you can go on a stress-free vacation knowing that your friend will keep the shop running.

Join Nearby Craft Groups

Your friends may not knit or scrapbook but that shouldn’t stop you from crafting with others. Easily connect with other local crafters thanks to websites like Meetup. Search this site by category and location to find craft groups that meet up and do what you love. Their hobby and craft topics include paper crafts, jewelry making, scrapbooking, beadwork, crocheting, interior decorating, knitting circles, and many more.

Also, check out your local church, library, or community center to see what activities they offer. These places tend to host craft nights at least a few times per year.

Invite Your Family into Your Home Craft Room

Look no further for a crafting group than right inside your own home. You may treat your home craft room as your sacred space but inviting your family inside will benefit everyone.  When you craft with kids (and your spouse), you can teach them what you know, which will give you more confidence in your crafting skills.

Plus, time spent crafting with you is time they won’t be spending on the internet, watching TV, or playing video or phone games. You can even work together to make some DIY home décor crafts. You’ll see a different side of one another and learn from everyone’s unique perspective.

Group Craft Ideas for Fall

  • Fall Pumpkins at Night: Perfect for a fall-themed paint night, this step-by-step tutorial breaks down how to paint pumpkins, a nighttime sky, and string lights.
  • Fall Leaf Garland: Simply cut out fall leaf-shapes from colorful felt with your kids. Then, have them pull string through to create garland. Hang it up for Thanksgiving or in your kids’ rooms.
  • Thankful String Art: With some nails, wood, and embroidery floss, you can create this modern, “thankful” string art word piece. Use any word you like.

How do you like to craft in groups? Let us know in the comments!


Make Crafting A Group Activity

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