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Make your quilting projects a breeze with the Quilter’s Design Table

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Quilting is a crafting tradition dating back to the first Egyptian dynasty. This craft consists of sewing two or more layers of fabric together to form a blanket or garment. Quilting designs began as a single stretch of fabric that was layered and put together. Now, quilting is a form of artistic expression as quilters will piece together fabric of different patterns, colours and textures to create incredible designs.

Whether you are a new quilter or an experienced quilter, whether you quilt by hand or with a machine, every quilter knows that this art requires a lot of time and precision to make sure a quilt looks just right. Designing your quilting space with the proper equipment for this process will make everything a whole lot easier and will allow you to focus on the fun of quilting rather than the frustrating details.

One of the most important tools you can have at your disposal while quilting is a proper design table. Every quilter knows the difference it makes to have the proper sewing machine for quilting but what about having the perfect table? The Quilter’s Design Table was created to meet all your quilting needs will make every step of your quilting process, from the first sketches to the final touches, a lot smoother.


The first step of making any quilt, especially for new quilters is to design your patter. Maybe you are the type of person who likes to sketch it out on a piece of graph paper so that you can get the dimensions right or maybe you prefer to look at patterns online. Either way, The Quilter’s Design Table offers a smooth surface and grid measurements so that you can lay out your design with ease.

This table’s 47 x 35.5-inch surface is also the perfect space to arrange any patterns or templates you may be using. You can also use the space to match colours and fabrics or even for ironing your fabric after it has been washed.


The next step in the quilting process is cutting your fabric and this step is where the features of the Quilter’s Design Table really shine. With a height of 29.75” The Quilter’s Design Table allows you to comfortably stand over your design to do your cutting or sit with a height adjustable drafting chair. The table’s durable and smooth melamine surface with resist damage from a rotary cutter and it’s 1’’ grid makings will make it easy to cut fabric right on top of the table. Prefer to use a cutting matt? Sullivans also makes an awesome Add-A-Mat Cutting Mat System which allows you to connect cutting mats together to fit any size of cutting space.

You can say goodbye to days spent kneeling on the floor to arrange your quilt pattern. Once you have all your pieces cut out, this table top serves as the perfect space to organize your pattern and design your quilt.


The sewing portion of the quilting process is often the longest one. In order to make sewing enjoyable and comfortable this table provides ample room for a quilting sewing machine. This table works well with height-adjustable drafting chairs such as the Mid-Back Mesh Drafting Chair as it offers lots of space underneath which also makes it simple to maneuver a foot pedal. Finally, this table’s bevelled edges will prevent your fabric from snagging while you are working so that you can concentrate on your project rather than annoying fabric snags.

For those quilters who would prefer a different size or height of sewing table, the foldable design of the Quilter’s Design Table makes it very easy to add tables to your crafting space. Sullivan’s Quilt and Sew Add-a-Table is the perfect addition to your workspace as it will attach right to your Quilters Design table!

Better yet, it is height adjustable and fully collapsible for storage purposes. Finished sewing? This table features a roll-out shelf to store your serger or sewing machine until you are ready to tackle your project again!



One of my favourite features of the Quilter’s design Table is that it is not only a table but is drawers, shelves and cupboards as well! It features a soft glide top drawer with lots of room to store thread, scissors, rulers and more. If you want extra space to store your Have lots of fabric scraps laying around? This table features a double-shelved cupboard where you can tuck away boxes, books or even cutting mats. Finally, the roll-out serger shelf will allow for easy storage of your sewing equipment and allow you to create a more organized workspace.

Fold away

All finished quilting for the day? Having company over and need a guest room? The Quilter’s design table folds down to be half it’s size! Folding down to 47" x 16.5” it is easy to store in any size of crafting space. Better yet, the entire cabinet including drawers and shelves can be closed and used as a side table or bureau. If you need to move the table all together, it’s locking casters and lightweight design make it easy to roll away. Your guests won’t even know it’s a quilting table!

The Quilter’s design table is a must-have for new and experienced quilters alike. This multi-purpose table will give you all the space you need for designing, cutting and sewing as well as providing extra storage space for your quilting materials. For even more work space, this table can be easily paired with a smaller sewing table or storage unit. Finally, it can be folded up and rolled away for easy storage.

You no longer have to worry about arranging your crafting room around awkward tables and shelves to get the space you need. The Quilter’s Design Table has done the thinking for you for you. With this table you can have the organized, functional quilting space you always dreamed of having.

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