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Getting the Most Out of Craft and Hobby Tables

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If you’re crafting on a budget, or dabble in everything from sewing to DIY crafting, you can do it all with just one table. A craft and hobby table is the most versatile craft table type you’ll find. These spacious tables offer plenty of workspace, durability, and the option to add on extra space. Read on to learn more about these tables and how to make them meet your home craft room needs.

Craft & Hobby Tables

Uses for Craft and Hobby Tables

We know crafters like to do all sorts of crafting. That’s why hobby tables make great additions to your crafting space. Unlike a drawing table or quilting table, general craft tables give you a large, flat space that you can use for paper crafting, scrapbooking, DIYing, and more. You can even add a cutting mat on top and use one as your cutting table.

Crafters use these tables as:

  • Scrapbooking tables
  • Tables for Cricut devices
  • Sewing extension tables
  • Kids crafting tables
  • Jewelry making work stations
  • Gift wrapping tables
  • Sculpting/model building tables
  • Computer desks

Features to Look For

When choosing an arts and crafts table, consider these things:

  1. Size: You can never have too much crafting space. Always go with the largest table size you can fit in your home. Keep in mind your storage space too. The Sullivans Folding Home Hobby Table folds up and rolls for easy transport and compact storage.
  2. Adjustability: Adjustable tables work great for those who share their crafting space. Height-adjustable craft tables like our Sullivans Adjustable Home Hobby Table can suit many chair and body heights. To minimize discomfort, you always want your feet flat on the floor and your table at elbow height when seated. Those who are still growing, work sitting and standing, or do group crafting should get adjustable-height tables.
  3. Material: Choose a heavy-duty table for crafting that won’t buckle. Materials like metal, thick plastic, melamine, and laminate work great. You’ll want a tabletop surface that won’t easily scratch or stain, so avoid wooden tables.
  4. Function: Consider what you need the table to do. Are you planning to use it for drawing, for your computer, for scrapbooking? All three? Some home hobby tables can accommodate all of that. The Studio Designs Americana II Table or Workmaster Heavy Duty Creative Workstation offers maximum versatility. These have flat tabletops that tilt to form a slanted table surface similar to a drafting or drawing table.
  5. Storage: Do you need more storage space for organizing craft supplies? If so, find a table with built-in storage. Our Studio Designs Deluxe Comet Craft Table features an attached storage piece with a shelf and three spacious drawers.

How to Expand Your Home Hobby Table

Ever wondered what an add-a-table is? An add-a-table is a smaller table that you can link together with other add-a-tables or set beside your regular home craft table. Some, like our Sullivans Quilt and Sew Add-a-Table, even give your craft and hobby table a different function. This type of quilting extension table has a built-in flatbed-sewing configuration. Use it with the Sullivan’s Craft and Hobby Add-A-Table to create a temporary (or permanent) sewing or quilting table. These add-on tables also fold down flat for easy storage when you’re not sewing. Link multiple tables together to create a larger work surface.

Specialized Craft and Hobby Tables

There are some more specific hobby tables designed to accommodate specific needs. For close up crafting like beading or embroidery, there’s the Reflex Close-Up Accessibility Table. It features a small tabletop with a half circle radius cut out for easy accessibility. Plus, this specific table was designed specifically to accommodate both chairs and wheelchairs.

So, is it time to buy a craft and hobby table? We’d love to help! 


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