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Designing Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Room

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Picking out the perfect present is hard enough. Don’t make gift-wrapping harder. With some simple adjustments, you can make your holiday gift-wrapping efforts effortless this year.

Designing Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Room

Choosing the Right Space

Gift-wrapping is two parts creativity and one part secrecy. When setting up your gift-wrapping room, choose a private location or one with a lock. You don’t want the recipient waltzing in while you’re wrapping up their gift. Consider adding a wall divider or “do not disturb” sign.

The size space you need depends on how you like to work, how many materials you have, and the presents you’re wrapping. A table next to a closet might work, or you may need a dedicated room. Remember, any space, no matter how big or small, can meet your home crafting and gift-wrapping needs.

What Table and Chair to Use

Give yourself enough space to work. Hobby and craft tables make the perfect gift-wrapping tables because they’re spacious and easy to move around. Plus, they work great for many craft types like quilting and sewing.

Sullivan's Folding Home Hobby Table with Melamine Top & Casters is ideal for gift-wrapping rooms. This table is durable, smooth, and won’t buckle under the weight of heavy presents. Plus, it’s 36-inches high, so you can use it while standing. Easily stow it away when the wrapping is done because it folds and rolls on its casters.

Choose a craft chair that supports your back and promotes good posture. You also want your wrists resting comfortably on the table and your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Adjustable-height chairs are great if you’re considering a standing or counter-height table.

How to Organize Gift-Wrap Materials

Just as with any other craft, staying organized while wrapping gift is crucial. Here are some great gift-wrap organization tips.

  1. Gift Wrap Organizer Cart: Portable gift-wrap carts like our Studio Designs Gift Wrapping Cart, make it easy to set up a gift-wrapping station anywhere. This particular rolling cart features three drawers perfect for tissue paper, tape, gift tag supplies, stamps, and scissors. It also has a ribbon storage system and built-in trays for bows so they won’t get crushed. Plus, it holds gift-wrap in the back, where you can easily see it.
  2. DIY Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer: Use a clear garment bag to hang up your wrapping paper in any closet. This saves space and makes it easy to see your materials. Don’t have a closet handy? Just hang the garment bag up on the wall in your home craft room.
  3. Ribbon Pegboard: Install a small pegboard onto the wall to construct this space-saving ribbon storage system. It gives your easy access to your ribbon, and you can use the pegboard for hanging up scissors and tape.
  4. Laundry Hamper All-in-One: With a tall hamper (that has a lid) and some hooks, you can create a portable gift-wrap storage solution. Stick your gift-wrap and gift bags inside the hamper, and hang your other supplies on the outside using individual over-the-door hooks.
  5. Gift Reminder Card: Write down important holidays and birthdays on a piece of paper, and hang it up in your gift-wrapping room. You don’t want to miss out on someone’s special day!

Studio Designs Gift Wrapping Cart

Innovative Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Elevate your gift-wrapping with some of these gift-wrapping tips.

  1. Sew your own DIY reusable gift bags. The recipient can re-use them as a gift bags or for other purposes. This is eco-friendly and gives the recipient a bonus gift too.
  2. Make your own gift bags out of wrapping paper. These are great when you’re in a pinch or are trying to wrap an irregularly shaped object like a soccer ball.
  3. Love paper crafting? Design gift boxes that are also part of the gift. If you’re gifting little animal toys or dolls, design the box to look like a forest or home. The child can use the box as a backdrop when they play with their new toy.
  4. Design some photo gift tags to add a personal touch to each present. It’s a fun way to set your gifts apart from everyone else’s.

Are you a creative gift wrapper? Let us know your favorite gift-wrapping tips and tricks in the comments! 


Designing Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Room

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