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Craft Ideas For Preserving Summer Memories

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Summer is winding down, which makes now the perfect time to think about how you'll preserve those summer memories and keep them close year round. Here are some great ideas!

Craft Ideas for Preserving Summer Memories

Beach Memory Crafts

  • Seashell Necklaces: If you look closely at sea shells at the beach, you’ll notice many have a small hole near the top. Find large or small sea shells with these holes (or attempt to put your own hole in one). Make beaded necklaces with these free beach souvenirs or tie them into a macramé necklace.
  • Sand and Seashell Candle Jar: What you may not know is that you can take sand through airport security. Take that sand and some sea shells and create a candle keepsake. Use an ocean breeze or beach wood scented candle for added effect.
  • Glitter Sea Shell DIY Photo Frame: With a $1 frame, glitter, and some seashells, you and your kids can create a stunning summer craft. This glittery frame can hold your favorite summertime photo and stay out yearlong.
  • Dyed Seashell DIY Christmas Ornaments: You can dye seashells just like Easter eggs. Drill holes into these dyed shells and then put a ribbon or string through. Now, they’re all ready for December. Cover up your hobby table for this messy project.

 Movie Stub Keepsakes

  • Coffee table: Spend your summer watching concerts or new movies? Collect these tickets or wristbands and decoupage them over a coffee table. It makes a great conversation piece. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you could even make the table yourself.
  • Wall Décor: Take a shadow box and fill it up with your favorite movie tickets. On the glass, place a phrase or favorite movie quote cut from vinyl. Either cut by hand or use a cutting machine. 

Summer Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking is always a go-to memory keeper. Mix it up this summer by trying some new creative scrapbook layouts and photos.

  • Favorite Places: Use local maps, restaurant menus, or zoo, amusement park or other attraction maps as your scrapbooking Put photos on top and circle your favorite exhibits, towns, or menu items in the background.
  • Through Their Eyes: Do your kids take lots of photos? Give them their own page and spend time crafting with your kids. Try out a flipbook method to fit as many pictures (or selfies) as possible.
  • Quotes of Summer: Remember the laughs shared by dedicating a scrapbook page to the summer’s best quotes. Quotes by your kids, from movies, or those overhead while dining out. It’s not too late to start writing these down! Use fun speech bubbles, laughter photos, and more to decorate this comedic page. 
  • Creative Chalk Photos: Get creative outside with your kids by bringing chalk drawings to life. Then, place these adorable photos throughout your summer scrapbook. You’ll love looking back on them during the year.

Fun with Photos

Photos belong where they can be seen, so you should turn them into crafts. Print out some photos, grab your kids, and embrace your creativity. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Monogram Photo College: Collage your favorite summer photos all over wooden letters (your family’s initials or name). Hang this up somewhere in the house or on the front door.
  • Summer Photo Luminaries: Light up your dining room table or mantel with glowing photo luminaries. Print photos on vellum, cut them to size, and then tape them around a candle-filled glass jar.
  • Make a Photo Map: Travel to a lot of states this summer? Hang a map up on your wall or use it for Then, cut out photos into the shape of the state it was taken in and glue them on. Been to a wedding in Illinois? Cut out a family photo or photo of the couple into the shape of Illinois.
  • Wooden Photo Transfer Ornaments: Drill a hole into a wood slice and then pick out some photos. Use a transfer method to get the photo onto the wood and then tie a ribbon through the hole. Now you have a 100% unique, DIY Christmas ornament. These make great gifts too!

So, how do you plan on preserving your summer memories? Let us know your ideas!

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