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Cozy Craft Dens: Turning Small Spaces into a Craft Room

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Dream of having a home craft room? Don’t let a lack of space stop you. Create your very own craft studio wherever you find room. People all over have transformed closets, corners, spare garage space and more into beautiful, functional crafting spaces. Read on to learn how you can do the same.

Cozy Craft Dens: Turning Small Spaces into a Craft Room

Small Craft Room Ideas

  • Location: Find (or clean out) a spare corner, closet, or other space. This might require shuffling around towels or finally cleaning out the garage. Get creative as you think of what space to use. A spare wall plus a fold-out table works almost anywhere. You could even add a desk to the end of your kitchen counter and install a matching cabinet overhead.
  • Furniture: Use specially designed furniture to help with saving space. The Studio Designs Sew Ready Craft Armoire look like an everyday furniture piece, but it has a fold-out table and internal storage. L-shaped tables work great in corner spaces. One like the Sullivans Stowaway Craft and Hobby Table offers both portability and versatility. It features two connected tables that open into an L-shape or slide beneath one another to save space.
  • Lighting: Install adequate lighting for your cozy craft den. If you can’t install overhead lights, opt for skinny floor lamps and clamp desk/table lamps. Clamp lamps have flexible arms for personalized lighting and don’t take up any work surface or floor space.

Organizing Craft Supplies in a Small Space

Always keep your cozy craft den organized and clean. This will increase your usable work area and prevent clutter in shared living spaces. Enjoy these craft storage ideas for small spaces.

  • Think Vertically: Use less square footage by building upwards instead of to the side. Install shelving or a pegboard above your table or desk. With some hooks and small shelves, pegboards can hold ribbon, paint, glue, scissors, stickers, and more. For closet spaces, take advantage of the closet’s full height. You can always use a step stool if needed. This craft closet storage idea may require installing or rearranging wooden or metal shelves.
  • Use the Space around You: For those creating craft spaces in a bedroom closet or corner, take advantage of other available space. For example, lift your bed up on risers and put slide-out storage bins underneath. This creates new space without rearranging your clothes or other belongings. 
  • Keep it Clean: Organization and cleaning go hand-in-hand. Always keep your work surface clean to maximize your space. Limit the storage pieces you keep on the desk or tabletop and instead choose a craft desk with storage.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Make your small craft room your own. Have a closet craft room? Paint it to brighten it up. Add some personality by hanging up your own artwork or inspirational prints too. You can even create some functional décor like this framed wall art that folds into a table.  

Taking over part of your kitchen, dining room, or other shared living area? Try to match your décor, furniture, and storage bins to the room’s existing style. This will create a cohesive look pleasing to guests and family members. 

Find Some Craft Room Inspiration

Luckily, many others have already created wonderful cozy craft dens. Search on Pinterest to find some tiny craft room inspiration.

Already have your own cozy home craft room? Or some other small craft room ideas? Let us know in the comments! 


Cozy Craft Dens: Turning Small Spaces Into A Craft Den

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