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Choosing the Perfect Seating for Crafting

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Crafting can require long hours seated in chair while working on scrapbooks, sewing projects, or intricate drawings. Set yourself up for success by adding the right type of seating to your craft room furniture collection.

Have A Seat! Choosing the Perfect Seating for Crafting - Craft Den

Drawing and Drafting Chairs

Since drawing and drafting require a niche table that’s angled, tall, and adjustable, drafters need a specific kind of chair. Drafting chairs can be raised higher than a typical office chair to accommodate large drafting tables. All of our ergonomic drafting chairs have pneumatic lifts to raise them to your preferred height. These chairs also have a 360° footrest around the bottom for added comfort. There are drafting chairs with arms and without. Don’t have a drafting table yet? Consider one of our drafting table and chair bundles.

Kids Chairs

Kids like to rock in their seats and make a mess while they’re crafting. Get your children craft chairs that are made of an easy-to-clean and durable material—like our plastic Flash Furniture Kids Activity Tables with Chairs.

Chairs vs. Stools

Choosing between a chair and a stool often comes down to preference, but here are some other factors to consider.


Craft stools come in many shapes and sizes. Some have round seats while others are rectangular. Some have a swivel feature while others are fixed. Stools without backs are also convenient for freeing up extra space in your home craft room. Just slide them underneath your counter or table. If you want to add some color to your home craft room, check out our Distressed Metal Counter Height Craft Stools.


Chairs offer more stability and ergonomic back support than stools do. The majority of crafting chairs are identical to office chairs. They have pneumatic lifts, fabric upholstery and cushioning, and adjustable settings for improved ergonomics. Their cushioned seat and lumbar support make them comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. If you plan on using your craft seating for other purposes like with your computer desk, an office-like craft chair is more appropriate than a stool. To add color to your craft room, consider our Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Arms.

Factors to Consider

Here are some things to consider as you decide what craft chair or stool is right for you:


The American Chiropractic Association considers height to be the most important factor when it comes to proper sitting posture. Ideally, you want to keep your work (or the tabletop) at elbow height so that your wrists are straight. When sitting correctly, your feet will rest on the floor or a footrest, your ankles will be in front of your knees, and your shoulders will feel relaxed. For the best outcome and to accommodate different table heights, choose a chair with adjustable height like this swivel mesh chair.


Armrests or no armrests? Armrests take pressure off of your neck and shoulders when used properly. There are many chairs with adjustable height armrests to help improve comfort. Depending on your craft though, armrests might just get in your way.


Sharing your craft room with the rest of the family? A crafting chair will wheels makes it easily to roll your chair into storage when needed. Chairs without wheels offer some extra stability on wood floors, but don’t offer as much flexibility.


Ergonomic chairs provide good lumbar support essential for preventing slouching. Chairs with multiple adjustable settings will give you the most comfort as you work on long projects. You also want a backrest between 12-19 inches wide. The higher the backrest, the more support it offers your shoulders and head.

Why Does This Matter?

Choosing the right arts and crafts chair and sitting in it properly contributes to your health and well-being while you craft. Using the right chair will help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, neck strain, elbow inflammation, and rotator cuff strain amongst other things.  

So, what type of seating do you use in your home craft room? Let us know in the comments!

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