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6 Quilting Tables You Can Buy (Instead of DIY!)

Posted by Andrew Ehigiator on

The idea for Craft Den came about because we realized how many people like us have now claimed space for quilting or crafting at home,  so we coined the term, and voila, "Craft Den" was born!

As any quilter and crafter would attest, it is a struggle designating a space for crafting, but an integral part of this space usually starts with a table. Here are 6 Quilting and Crafting Tables you can "Buy, Not DIY." 


1. Quilter's Design Table

We love Quilter's! In fact we receive some of our favorite emails from them, where they share their projects and their incredible passion for their pastime. This table is built just for them. It folds for storage, it rolls easily, and it has storage! It's also our best selling table at Craft Den. Checks all the boxes... so it's no wonder.


2. Adjustable Folding Home Craft and Hobby Table

Talk about versatile! Many of our customers use this as their fabric cutting and layout table. Others use it for everything else from craft making to prep to scrapbooking. It rolls, the sides fold, there's storage and the height is adjustable. If it could only do dishes too! ;-) 

3. Folding Home Hobby Table

This is the smaller cousin to the table above. The height is fixed (36") but the sides fold, and it rolls - making it super compact and easy to move. It has the same smooth melamine top, and fits in any decor. Great as a cutting table, and probably a hundred other uses as well.

4. Ironing Center With Storage

A table made just for ironing may seem like a luxury, but imagine having the extra space it provides and storage below for your iron and supplies. A custom fit cover is included. 

5. Stowaway Craft And Hobby Table

By now you may be noticing a theme here, in that every table somehow folds, rolls, and takes into account the times you need to use the guest bedroom as an actual guest bedroom! This table is no different. Sit while you work and spread out while being virtually surrounded by workspace. And as the name suggests, stow it when you need to by moving the small table under the large one. 

6. Portable and Folding Sewing Table

Kind of cute when it's folded up, like a little cadet who's ready to go to work! You need to check this one out, as it could be used for an extra desk as well as for quilting and sewing. 

We have a feeling you'll find a very good use for at least one of these tables in YOUR Craft Den. Although they all require some level of assembly, the time spent will be nothing compared to building one from scratch!

Happy Crafting! 


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