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12 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas to Try Out this Year

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Instead of heading to the stores this holiday season, spend more time creating in your home craft room. People love receiving gifts made from the heart. They’re more thoughtful and 100% unique. Whether you love quilting, sewing, or DIYing in general, you can make a homemade present. Check out our 12 gift ideas below…

12 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas to Try Out this Year

  1. Melted Bead Ornaments: Make some easy homemade Christmas ornaments with just some pony beads, cookie cutters, and an oven. The beads will melt to form one solid ornament or sun catcher. They’re simple to make, so make them when you’re crafting with kids.
  2. Clay Ring Holders: Gift engaged or married couples a unique ring holder this winter. Use clay to form a trinket bowl shape and then decorate as you wish. Either go full-out holiday, or choose a calmer color scheme for year-round use. Make a larger size bowl and gift it to the person who’s always misplacing their keys.
  3. Scented Heating Pads: For many, colder weather means even harder days at work. Sew together this homemade rice heating pad to keep outdoor workers warm this year. Think crossing guards, recess aids, mail people, and your family snow shoveler. It’s also great for those with sore muscles. Use flax seed instead of rice to create a pack that you can freeze or microwave.
  4. T-Shirt Quilt: Preserve your teens’ childhood t-shirts (or their baby clothes) by transforming them into a soft, warm quilt. It’s a thoughtful present perfect for cold winter nights. Design the quilt however you want, and remember, you can use both the t-shirt fronts and backs. This is the ultimate personalized DIY gift.
  5. Car Trash Bag: Gift car drivers this convenient, easy-to-locate car trash bag. Its handle sits loosely around the car’s center console gearshift. You can’t go wrong with this homemade present idea.
  6. 90-Minute Arm Knit Chunky Blanket: Anyone can knit blankets this winter without any special tools. You’ll impress your friends and family because similar blankets cost upwards of $100-$400 in high-end retailers. Make this project for around $35 depending on the yarn used.
  7. Coloring To-Go Kits: Younger kids (and their parents) will love having an easy-to-carry coloring kit. Make either a fun crayon wallet that holds mini pieces of paper or a larger crayon tote that can hold coloring books too. Do some quilting on the tote for extra durability.
  8. New Year’s Eve Shirts: Prepare your loved ones for the new year. Cricut and cutting machine crafters can download these free New Year’s Eve SVGs. Load your heat transfer vinyl into your machine, mirror the image, and make the cut. Iron the design onto any size shirt because this homemade Christmas present works for any age.
  9. Silver Charm Bracelets: These adjustable bracelets are great DIY Christmas presents for friends. Take some thick silver wire, bend it to size, and then add any charms you want. You could easily buy the bracelets at the store, but they’re much more meaningful (and cheaper) when they’re handmade.
  10. Shrink Paper Portrait Key Chains: Looking for DIY Christmas gifts for grandparents? Go with something that lets them show off their adorable grandkids. You’ll just need tracing skills for this project. Trace your kids’ portrait onto shrink paper with a Sharpie and cut around it. Then, stick it in the oven just like a Shrinky Dink. Add their initial or a tassel to finish.
  11. Holiday Rock Paintings: Artists, this one is for you. Paint some rocks to give away as mini DIY holiday decorations. These small holiday rock paintings are great for kids’ rooms, mantles, and offices. Use any size rock; just make sure it’s smooth.
  12. Photo Rubix Cube: Customize a Rubik’s cube with your favorite photos. Make this sentimental Christmas gift for your boyfriend, best friend, or spouse. Use PicMonkey to edit and tint the six photos. Cut each photo into 9 squares and glue them onto the cubes. The recipient can use this homemade photo gift as room decor or as an actual puzzle.

Get creative with the above homemade Christmas present ideas. Let us know how they turn out on the Craft Den Facebook page. Happy Crafting! 


12 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas to Try Out this Year

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