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12 DIY Home Décor Projects to Keep or Gift This Year

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If you’re crafty, never buy decorations for your home at the store. Instead, just bunker down in your home craft room and get creative. We’ve gathered up 12 do-it-yourself home décor projects that are perfect for anyone’s home. Many of these crafts are kid-friendly, so be sure to get your kids involved. Keep what you make for yourself, or gift it away this holiday season.

12 DIY Home Décor Projects to Keep or Gift This Year

  1. No-Brush Dragged Wall Art: Wall art, especially larger pieces, is pricy. Save money by creating your own DIY large wall art. This tutorial works with any color scheme and with any size canvas. You’ll end up with a beautiful, modern piece of art ideal for a holiday gift or for your own home.

  2. Superhero Thread Art: With just some nails, embroidery floss, and wood, you can create the perfect custom home décor item. Easily deck out your kids’ bedrooms with their favorite superhero logos or make travel-inspired thread art for the adventurer in your family.

  3. Crochet Baskets (Free Patterns): You can never have enough storage. That’s why homemade crocheted baskets are great for cluttered homes or for people that are hard to buy for. Keep them simple or make one that looks like a fox.

    Beaded Chandelier

  4. Beaded Chandelier: Give your home a makeover before the holidays by creating this stunning homemade chandelier. It’s a very time consuming project, but it’s well worth it. Get friends to help or watch movies to pass the time.

  5. Modern Circle Quilt: Keep guests warm with a fun, colorful quilt. This project will help you use up fabric scraps, and it works with any color scheme. It works great as a couch accessory, table cover, or wall hanging.

  6. Hanging Yarn Orbs: Kids, teens, and young adults will love this versatile decor item. Simply blow up balloons and wrap yarn around them. Use glue to hold the yarn in place. Once it dries, pop the balloons and you’re done. Get creative with the colors and yarn thicknesses.

  7. Lined Hidden-Tab Curtains: Don’t limit yourself to the colors and patterns available in the curtain aisle. Instead, make your own curtains. Choose any fabric you want and transform it into beautiful, store-bought-quality curtains. Sewing experience will help you with this project, but it’s not necessary as long as you’re willing to learn.

    DIY Floor Pouf

  8. DIY Floor Poufs: What is a pouf, you may ask? It’s a soft, plush seat or ottoman similar in concept to a bean bag chair. Create these coveted seats from old sweaters, drop cloths, new fabric, scrap fabric, and more. Design any shape you want and even add handles for portability. Kids and college students will love having these in their room.

  9. Crochet Doily Dreamcatcher: Get rid of bad dreams this year with this boho chic DIY home décor project. Keep it simple with just the white doily, or add flowers, ribbons, feathers, or paint to give it some personality.

  10. “Watercolor” Coasters: Ever wondered how to make tile coasters? First, grab some white tiles, Sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol (91%), and felt. Then, draw all over the tiles with your favorite colors. Drop or brush on some rubbing alcohol, and the colors will mix, creating a tie-dye watercolor effect. Add felt to the bottom to protect your tabletops. Don’t forget to seal them too!

    Rosette Pillows

  11. Colorful Rosette Pillows: Brighten up your couch before guests come to stay with a few DIY throw pillows. It will take time and patience to get the design right, but it’s worth it. You’ll just need a pillow cover (or muslin), colorful fabric, scissors, and hot glue.

  12. Rustic Family Name Sign: Add a personal touch to your home with this custom family name sign. The tutorial suggests using pallet wood, but any piece of wood will work.  If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut, you can create the design with permanent adhesive vinyl instead of paint. Check out Pinterest for some complementary DIY rustic home décor ideas.

What are your favorite homemade decorating ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 


12 DIY Home Décor Projects to Keep or Gift This Year

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