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10 Ways To Show Gratitude With Crafts This Thanksgiving

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We all know Thanksgiving is about more than food and football. It is a time to give thanks and show gratitude toward those we appreciate. As crafters, we have lots of ways to let someone know they are special. How great does it feel to receive something made by the hands of someone important?

Focus on finding creative ways to say thank you this Thanksgiving. Check out these gratitude-filled Thanksgiving craft ideas for the whole family.

10 Ways To Show Gratitude With Crafts This Thanksgiving

1. Classroom “Valentines”

Sit down with younger kids and create little Thanksgiving cards for kids that have personal thank you notes inside. Decorate the cards with real leaves or fun fall shapes. On the inside, write “I’m thankful for you because…” and have your child finish the sentence. Make one for every student in your child’s class. 

2. Thanksgiving Thank You Cards

You probably send thank you cards after someone gives you a gift or helps you out at a fundraiser. But, when’s the last time you sent one “just because”? Send handmade thank-you cards this Thanksgiving to your loved ones. Write each person a genuine note about how thankful you are to have them in your life. Here are some fun Thanksgiving card ideas and some free Thanksgiving SVG files.

3. At-Home or In-School Thankful Tree

Decorate your classroom or family room with this cute Thanksgiving craft. Have your students or kids trace their hands on construction paper and then write what they’re thankful for. Take pieces of brown construction paper to make a tree that you can tape to the wall. After the kids decorate their handprint “leaves,” they can tape them to the tree. 

4. Coffee Sleeves and Travel Mugs

Bus drivers, teachers, administrative assistants, coworkers, and more will appreciate fox coffee sleeves. You just need felt, thread, and some sewing skills. Slip it onto a reusable travel mug and fill the inside with reasons why you’re thankful to have that person in your life.

Are you a room parent? These coffee sleeves are great Thanksgiving gifts for teachers. Give out small slips of paper that say “I’m thankful for you because…” and have each kid fill one in.

5. Table Runners for the Hosts

Going somewhere else for Thanksgiving this year? Thanksgiving table runners make fitting thank-you presents for the host family. You’ll just need crochet supplies and some fall-colored yarn.  If you’d rather prepare the family for winter decorating, make this snowflake table runner instead.

6. Day-of Photo Booth

On Thanksgiving Day, create a photo booth station and some Thanksgiving photo booth props. Have a white board or chalkboard sign where family members can write in what they’re thankful for. For the backdrop, use streamers or fall garland

7. Month of Thanksgiving

Start to make thankfulness part of your family’s daily routine this fall. With paper, fabric, or wood, create a little box for each family member. You could even follow this turkey tissue box tutorial. Designate a spot for these “thankful for you” containers. The goal is to fill each box with messages of gratitude. Encourage your family to write down little thank you notes throughout the month.

8. Thank those with Thankless Jobs with a Paint Night

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to thank those who have thankless jobs. These jobs/roles include military members, garbage collectors, foster parents, volunteers, teachers, police officers, and emergency responders. Gather some friends and host a free DIY Paint Night for one of these groups as a creative way to say thank you. Offer up babysitting services at the event too.

9. Volunteer Your Time and Crafting Abilities

Volunteer to help decorate a women’s shelter, nursing home, non-profit, or after-school program for the holidays. This is a great way to show your appreciation for an organization. It relieves the burden off of employees who are typically underpaid and very busy. There are so many Thanksgiving decoration ideas out there. You could string garland, hang up paper turkeys, create a thankfulness tree in the lobby, and more.  

10. Don’t Forget the Principal

Don’t make your kids’ principals, school secretaries, and specialist teachers (art, music, librarian, etc.) feel left out. Be intentional this Thanksgiving about thanking them for the role they play in your kids’ education. With winter approaching, a knit scarf or hat in school colors makes a fitting gift.  For those in warmer climates, make a wooden frame that holds a fun gratitude-filled printed quote.

How do plan on showing gratitude this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments! 


10 Ways To Show Gratitude With Crafts This Thanksgiving

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